thinking economically,
producing ecologically

We have been reducing our impact on the environment and nature for many years. We lower the consumption of resources, avoid waste, minimize emissions and care for an environmentally friendly choice of location.

Because only who acts sustainably can succeed in a long term. Beside the certification of our own products, we also focus on a sustainable production process when cooperating with our long-term suppliers.

By reducing waste, energy consumption and emissions to a minimum, Störmer is economically successful, caring at the same time for an environmentally compatible production. This applies to our business processes concerning product management, development, marketing, procurement, production, service and supporting functions.

Collection "Störmer"
  • Requirements for the protection of environment and health
  • Material selection/ Surfaces/ Static and dynamic load/ Durability/ Processing
  • Legal regulations

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Supporting nature 100%

Trees are important contributors in many ways: They extract carbon dioxide (CO2), filter water and air, and provide us with the sustainable raw material, wood. Each one of our kitchens needs around 25 m2 of wood. Through the "Eden Reforestation Project", we plant one tree for every single Störmer kitchen that we manufacture, thus ensuring sustainability for future generations.

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Certifications of our suppliers

FSC® is an international certification system for a more sustainable forest management, PEFC a transparent and independent system to secure a sustainable forest management.

FSC TSUD-COC-000079/TSUD-CW-000079 // Pfleiderer
PEFC ST 2003:2012/05.837.829 // Pfleiderer

FSC SGSCH-COC-110039/SGSCH-CW-110039 // Egger
PEFC ST 2001:2008/CH17/0386.00 // Egger

FSC TUVDC-COC-100826/TUVDC-CW-100826 // Sonae Arauco
PEFC ST 2002:2013/DC-COC-000826 // Sonae Arauco

Packaging recycling

Through our partners "RKT Recycling Kontor" we collect, register and recycle packagings according to the Packaging Act of 1 January 2019. These include paper, cardboard, cardboard boxes, foils and plastics.

Contract No.: TV000105


our sustainability goals

Improvement of the resource efficiency in the supply chain
Raising awareness among our staff
Recycling of valuable materials
Reduction of resource consumption in the production process